Omni Channel Cloud Call Center Platform

Newbridge allows your Service Center organization to leverage Fortune 100 Technology, Management, and Staff. In today’s global marketplace, businesses are looking for ways to economically increase productivity, improve efficiency and out perform their competition. Newbridge offers our clients a comprehensive Cloud Call Center Platform Solution.
Newbridge is dedicated to combining relevant Omni Channel technologies that support and improve our clients quality and performance objectives. Implementation of Omni Channel solutions includes reviewing business processes, workflow optimization, and system configuration. Our team works closely with our client teams to design, optimize and support processes with software applications, customizations, and effective reporting.

Solutions For Your Organization

The Newbridge team continues to distinguish itself by delivering strategic and customer focused solutions. Our team of professionals have more than 20 years of experience in managing call centers around the world. After a history of intense call center consultation the Newbridge team discovered an opportunity to create a new advanced Virtual Call Center Platform Technology.
  • Enterprise Level Inbound Call Center Platform
  • Enterprise Level Outbound Call Center Platform
  • Enterprise Level IVR Platform Call Center
  • Integrations: CRM and Payroll Systems
  • Office Phone System Platform