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Newbridge provides Education and Workforce solutions for every organization!

Newbridge has worked successfully supported both public and private education systems to achieve the goal of contact center excellence.  Through these partnerships, we develop better entry-level candidates to support the staffing side of your company.

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Contact Center Curriculum Designed for Success

We work with Cities, Community Colleges and non-profit organizations for
certified training of agents. We provide pre-trained and pre-vetted agents who are
ready for placement in certified contact center organizations and have elf-selected
into the industry, with a focus on longevity within an organization that provides a clear
career path and ongoing development for them. We are committed to assisting
disadvantaged youth in the community, changing their lives for the better and
affecting change within the contact center industry.



Your organization will experience reduced facility costs, utilization of best-in-class technology, multiple workforce locations, lower employee attrition rates, metrics opportunities, and workforce location support challenges.
As a result not only will the contact center organization benefit, but your contact center team will as well! The contact center workforce can experience commute cost savings, housing option opportunities, utilization of best-in-class technology, security of the home / work environment, performance-based metrics accountability, and technology support questions.